What to Wear to Your Photoshoot

What to Wear to Your Photoshoot?

This is the most important question I get asked after setting a date for a photo session. It doesn't matter if it's a family shoot, senior portraits, or engagement. I think you can stick to a general few rules to get you on the right track!

1. Coordinate! But remember, no matchy-matchy! 

First, decide, do you like bright and colourful, pastel-like and soft, or do you lean more towards neutrals or bold colours? You will want to start by picking 2-3 colors, and add pop of color! Let each member show their uniqueness by the pattern they choose (think plaid, dots, solid colors or stripes). Try to steer clear of patterns that are too distracting or bold. And most importantly remember: these days matching everyone in jeans/khakis with the same shirt is extremely outdated.

2. Add texture, layering and accessories!

Don't be afraid to add all kinds of layers and textures. Let me start with the layers and accessories. Think cardigans, vests, sweaters over dress shirts, scarves, bow ties, suspenders, belts, hair pieces. I love layers, and it looks BEAUTIFUL in photos! It also adds a lot of dimension, and halfway through the shoot, you can simply remove items, or throw some on for a different look. Girls, Jewelry always looks nice! Next, texture. I double drool when someone rocks up in lots of layers, but its important too to invite yourself to throw in some cool textured pieces. Fur, sweater knit, corduroy, frills, ruffles. Let yourself be you!

3. Feel comfortable in your clothing!

Choosing clothing you feel comfortable in is important in two ways. One, it let's you be you, and it is a good representative of who you are when you look at your images later on. Secondly, being comfortable and confident shows in the pictures. If you are not comfortable it will very obvious in your pictures!

4. A big no no! 

The last thing you need to know is to not have any logos or writing on clothing visible at all! It is very distracting in pictures. Men, you will also want to steer clear of wearing running shoes. I can count numerous times where men come wearing jeans and running shoes, and it's best to try to stay on the more tailored side of things. (Think more business casual). Finally, please try and avoid super dark colors or all black!

If you need more help please visit my Pinteret board HERE! Pinterest is an excellent source for finding the perfect outfit!

Most importantly make sure you are comfortable and that you are just being you! :) 



Myrtle Beach, SC  Photographer